Golden Star Medicated Oil

The famous Golden Star Balm is now available as a medicated oil for easy use.

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The famous Golden Star Balm is now available as a medicated oil for easy use. Many essential oils were extracted from menthol, clove, camphor and cinnamon which are now all inside the small bottle of 5 ml Golden Star Medicated Oil. It is clearly a remedy for many things.

Menthol helps: headache, red eyes
Camphor is good for: antiseptic effect, objective inflammation, reduces flu
Clove: has a stimulating effect, heats up the stomach, antiseptic
Cinnamon is useful for: cold, waist and knee pain, asthma, menstrual cramps
Cajuput Oil comes in handy: cold lungs, phlegm cough, asthma, chest pain, poor digestion, increased arterial circulation after birth, to treat rheumatism and neuralgia

Package size:
1 bottle 5 ml

GMP WHO Certification

How to use:
Gently massage the Golden Star Medicated Oil on the affected areas.
Apply oil on temples, nose, neck to treat headaches, dizziness and cold.
For the treatment of mosquito or other insect bites, apply directly on the bite.
For colds and flu inhalation is recommended. Use a bowl with hot water, add some drops of the Golden Star Medicated Oil and inhale.

Not recommended for children younger than 2 years. Do not rub in eyes. Do not use on open wounds or to the chest during lactation period.

Composition for each bottle:
1.44g Menthol
0.45g Camphor
1.25g Clove
0.06g Cajuput
0.02g Cinnamon

Headache, dizziness, colds, runny nose, nausea, abdominal pain, mosquito and other insect bites

Expiration date:
5 years from manufacturing date

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