Golden Star Balm big jar - Cao Sao Vang

The famous Golden Star Balm, in a big 20g jar. Made in Vietnam, a old proven remedy. Golden Star Balm is a rare combination of vegetable oils.

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The famous Golden Star Balm is delivered in a 20 gr. tin. It has been a proven remedy in Vietnam for hundreds of years. It contains high quality essential oils from Vietnam. Because of its size it is perfect to carry with so it comes in handy whenever needed. It is used to relieve from colds and flu. Add some Golden Star Balm in a bowl and add hot water to it. Inhale. Also to use in saunas. Helps to relieve running noses, flu, headaches, pain in neck. Rub on chest, back and abdomen. Use on insect bites.

Package size:
1 jar 20g

Not recommended for children younger than 3 years. Don't rub in the eye, do not use on open wounds and don't apply on the chest during lacation period.

Composition per 100gr:
12.50g Oleum Menthae
8.80g Oleum Cajuputi
4.10g Menthol
2.58g Camphor
1.40g Oleum Cinnamomi
0.90g Oleum Ocimi
Beeswax, Parafin, Vaselin, Lanolin, Parafin oil

Expiration date:
3 years from manufacturing date

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