Ha Thu O - Chinese Knotweed

Ha Thu O (Chinese Knotweed) is recommended to invigorate the liver and kidney, replenish vital essence and blood, enhance sexual vitality, strengthen the muscles, ligaments and bones, nurture the hair and skin, diminish premature grey hair and beard.

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Ha Thu O - Chinese Knotweed is used for different things. It is good for blood, kidney and bones. It improves haircolor and it prevents hair from getting dry and hairloss. It also works against early graying of the hair and beard. It restores and improves sexual function and helps prevent alzheimer and parkinson. It is effective for insomnia and fatigue and also helps to prevent male sexual disabilty.

Package size:
1 box of 100 chewing tablets

How to use:
Take 2-3 tablets, 2-3 times daily.

Composition for each tablet:
300mg Radix Polygoni multiflori extract
Excipients: Glucose, starch, calcium carbonat, magnesium sterate, talc, sucrose, povidone, chocolate, titanium dioxide

Expiration date:
3 years from manufacturing date

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